Us Ip Address 2 Ways to Get an American IP Address

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 22, 2013

idcloak launches two free IP changer services for users requiring an American IP address. Benefits of using a US IP include paying under American prices, unblocking videos unavailable outside the US and carrying out SEO / marketing research on the American internet.

Arguably the most effective of the two services is the US IP Address List: a live database of public US proxy servers. If a user chooses a medium or high-anonymity proxy and applies its IP address to a browser, he or she may browse as if connected directly to an American ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The second service release is the fast and easy-to-use US web proxy, which is accessible through the idcloak website and operates much like a search engine.

The user opens up the proxy page, selects a US server location from the More Options menu, and then enters in the URL of the site they wish to access. Upon hitting Surf the user is taken to the site via an American internet connection. The proxy is high-anonymity, so very few destination sites will be able to detect that the user is based outside the US.

idcloaks senior web researcher talks about the differences between the two proxy technologies: IP proxies require users to play with their browsers network settings and this puts some people off. Setup is easy to do on a computer browser but gets more complicated with mobile devices. The web proxy, on the other hand, is great for one-off runs to an American internet experience but can encounter compatibility problems with more complex sites, problems that dont arise when using an IP proxy.

idcloak’s developers are taking what they have learnt from their two free services and using it to create an advanced software-based proxy system, the idcloak VPN. Our international VPN will change everything users can unblock absolutely any site and service in the US just by activating the app or program. The idcloak VPN is due for release in September 2013.

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