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The Brown Box Formula Bonus Package Worth More Than $3,000 Announced By Black Box Social Media

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 08, 2013

The Brown Box Formula, the latest product release from Ezra Firestone and Ryan Deiss, will also accompany over $ 3,000 in special training when you receive the Brown Box Formula Bonus Package through Black Box Social Media. For more information on these bonuses, please visit http://thebrownboxformulas.com/brown-box-formula-bonus/.

The Brown Box Formula is designed to teach consumers how to leverage giant online wholesalers, like Sears,, Amazon, Overstock, etc. to build a valuable and profitable online business.

To download a free copy of Ezra Firestone’s latest eBook called “How To Leverage Amazon, Sears.com, Overstock.com and 10 other Online Giants to Build a REAL Valuable Online Business” click here.

To support The Brown Box Formula, Black Box Social Media has decided to give away over $ 3,000 as a Brown Box Formula Bonus for anyone who purchases through their link. The following are the bonuses:

> Access to the Social Media Ad Genius Program (Facebook PPC Training)

> Access to 5 live Online Mastermind Sessions with Curt Maly and Nick Bridges, where you can ask them anything related to online marketing

> 2 Live Event Tickets to their Digital Thought Leader Conference

> Digital Copy of best selling book “Marketing MIracles” by Dan S. Kennedy and Tom Bukacek

For more information on how to sign up and receive The Brown Box Formula Bonus Package, please visit http://thebrownboxformulas.com/brown-box-formula-bonus/.

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