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Pinterest Software Recommended By Rick Porter in Recent Pinranker Review

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

With the increasing popularity of Pinterest, many marketing gurus have come up with different Pinterest software programs. However, it is not easy to find out the best amongst so many programs. Popular internet marketing consultant Rick Porter has recently reviewed Mark Dulisses Pinranker software, and the findings of this review are now available in his website Rickporter.org. On the basis of his review, Mr. Porter strongly recommends this Pinterest software for all Pinterest users. He informs that Pinterest has been a significant part of his traffic building strategy since he came across this software. He also attributes the sudden increase of opt-ins for his latest project to the use of this program.

Pinning up videos and pictures is often a chore for the Pinterest users. However, Mr. Porter informs that the same task can be accomplished by a few pushes of a button by Pinranker. Describing the benefits of marketing on Pinterest with Pinranker, he states, “This weekend I bought Mark Dulisses software to see what it could do, and I have to say it is super cool, to say the least. I havent even got into all the goodies yet, but there is plenty of good video training on how to use Pinranker. There is even a module to put in your Amazon.com affiliate ID and create entire boards with products that redirect to your affiliate link. I prefer sending people to opt-ins these days and having someone that is an expert in that niche run the email list, but if you love Amazon youll love what Pinranker can do”.

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