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Most Ambitious Live Video Web Seminar Series Ever Offers Four Full Days of Marketing and Success Training

Bonita Springs, FL (PRWEB) March 30, 2006

Alan R. Bechtold has been publishing and marketing online since 1984 — since before the World Wide Web was publicly accessible. And he says online marketing has only just begun to get exciting.

“This is my 23rd year doing what I do,” Bechtold said. “Still, what I now see on the horizon for Web marketing makes all the excitement, growth and profits generated during the dot.com era pale in comparison.”

What gets someone like Alan R. Bechtold, who has obviously seen it all when it comes to Internet commerce, so excited?

“Web video,” he says. “It’s where the future of the Web is headed and it’s moving there quickly. I’ve watched and participated in the development and eventual growth of the Internet and the Web, to the worldwide phenomenon it is today. The Web is already responsible for creating more millionaires than any other development in history — and it’s only now just beginning an explosion that will dwarf all the changes we’ve seen so far.”

Despite his unequaled years of experience, Alan’s recent entusiastic statements about the future of Web commerce still raise some eyebrows. After all — the Dot.com era he refers to generated massive wealth, creating numerous “instant billionaires” and too many “instant millionaires” to count before the IPO craze blew up in everyone’s faces and brought it all down.

“I started making money publishing online when you had to dial into a remote computer by long distance, one caller at a time, to communicate online,” Bechtold answers. “Since that time, I’ve seen the Web bring literally billions of people online and grow into the largest conglomeration of information and commerce in history. And all of this took place on a platform that was, until now, based primarily on a print media basis.”

Bechtold went on to point out that, today, more than 70% of Americans go online using a high-speed connection. This fact, combined with vast improvements in Web video technology, has turned the Web into a combined print AND video medium.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Bechtold said. “Interactive print combined with live video can make literally any business come alive online. It’s the final piece of the puzzle. The one missing ingredient that brings Web commerce to life, more closely duplicating the live shopping experience for the consumer and making communications online much more personal and profitable for savvy entrepreneurs.”

To prove his point, Bechtold has launched the most extensive series of live Web video presentations (“webinars”), ever presented.

During four Saturdays in April, starting April 1, Alan’s new Saturday Success Seminar Series will bring a total of 16 top-flight experts in online and offline marketing and business success directly into the homes and offices of attendees via live Web video. The entire experience has been designed to duplicate a live seminar experience for anyone with a reasonably high-speed Internet connection.

The Series, airing April 1, 15, 22 and 29, offers a total of sixteen live presentations in all — four each Saturday — for one super-low price. Presenters include Robert “Rocket” Helstrom, Mike Koenigs, Mark Hendricks, Michael Penland, Shawn Casey, Brad Fallon, Paulie Sabol, Robert Imbriale, Phil Foster, Sydney Johnston, Donna Fox, Perry Marshall, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, T.J. Rohleder, Chris Lakey — and three appearances by Bechtold.

“Live Web video will round out the total e-commerce revolution the Web started,” Bechtold said. “It’s the icing on the cake. But, it’s not the only element you need to master for online success. Online marketing is a great way to build any business — but you need to utilize a well-rounded selection of online marketing techniques, combined with complimentary offline techniques, to maximize profits. That’s why I’ve launched this Web video seminar series, utilizing the latest Web technology, to bring bonafide experts in marketing and business success directly to the people who need it most.”

Bechtold explained he is duplicating the standard live seminar experience online, so attendees don’t have to make travel plans or give up valuable days at work or running their businesses, to learn all the secrets to tapping online and offline techniques, from the most talented and savvy experts of the day, at very low cost. Bechtold also pointed out that his event itself will provide the perfect illustration of the power of marketing online today.

“It’s well worth signing up just to see how to do what I’m doing correctly.”

For complete details and to register for this groundbreaking online seminar event, readers should visit http://webinars.sysop.com.

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