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Internet Marketing in ICU

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) August 22, 2006

Sometimes when I go to seminars, teleseminars or even reading a book, I can’t help but think that some people jumping into internet marketing are in serious danger.

Not only because they think it is a simple do-it-yourself market but also because so many people see the potential of this market, and go out and speak like experts, when they are not really, and they just mislead people.

I don’t mean everybody, I’m a huge fan of internet experts like Perry Marshall, Alex Mandossian, Joel Comm, Paul Coligan and many more. I’m the first in line when they have a new teleseminar, I buy their books, listen to their cds take their courses. It is great stuff.

But there are some that i just think: How can they be doing this?!

They put together a bunch of tools available online, say they make a fortune with those tools, say everything is very easy and simple stuff to do, and you’ll become a millionaire even if you hire your dog to do the technical work.

You dig a little bit deeper and… it is not exactly that.

What is sad is that people get excited, spend their money and see nothing in return. Mostly because they just put isolated things around without a plan. They were lead to believe that everything will work.

I haven’t seen many businesses succeed without some planning and strategies before jumping into a market. Online is not different. You need to check which options would apply for your industry, which of them you’d be willing to put the necessary effort to make it work, and how each tool would connect to the rest to make the plan work. Do one project at a time and understand that online marketing is an ongoing process not a single event.

The first step is to know where you are standing and get familiar with the possibilities available today according to your budget. Believe me, there are dozens of new ways to improve the results you get in marketing your product or service. Most people are still not familiar with them.

We launched a new service called BuzzClinic. We’ll sit down with you and do a marketing check up and will show you the online tools available that would apply to your case. We’d also help you create a strategy to market yourself and your business. Almost for nothing. Why? Because we don’t like to see businesses in the ICU, lost in the woods of the online world. Visit BuzzClinic.com to learn more.



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