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Haystak Digital Marketing Announces More Details of New Auto Dealer Website Platform: HAYSTAK KORE360

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) March 10, 2014

Haystak™ Digital Marketing, a leading provider of digital marketing products and services for the automotive industry, today announced more details about the all-new website platform: HAYSTAK KORE360. Haystak’s proprietary website platform was created in-house using leading-edge technology and data from thousands of top performing dealer websites. HAYSTAK KORE360 is built for the ever-changing needs of shoppers who demand instant access to information, on a variety of devices. Haystak’s “responsive” technology automatically adjusts the dealership’s website format according to the type of device shoppers use to access the dealership online, making navigation fast and easy, whether shoppers use a phone, tablet or desktop computer.    

“We had a great initial launch of HAYSTAK KORE360 at the NADA convention in January. It drew a lot of attention and dealers were excited to see a new website platform built from the ground up with the latest technology and features. In addition to the responsive technology, most dealers particularly liked HAYSTAK KORE360’s advanced SEO capabilities, behavioral targeting and timed content features, all of which can help lead to significant increases in traffic, leads and sales. In addition to our focus on providing the latest, most powerful technology, we also continue our commitment to offering the best customer service,” commented Duncan Scarry, Haystak Digital Marketing founder and general manager.    

Haystak’s unique, proprietary search engine optimization reporting combines organic with paid search results to show the true dollar value of organic initiatives. SEO content is created dynamically, based on prior keyword performance, thus continuously increasing effectiveness. Further, Haystak’s SEO reporting tracks competitive data for comparison and insight.                    

In addition, Haystak’s intelligent behavioral targeting automatically customizes the display on the dealership’s website with the most relevant information for shoppers, based on the content they viewed on other popular automotive websites. The behavioral display and retargeting tools help dealers understand what website visitors are looking for from the moment they enter the dealership website, delivering a truly personalized experience.    

HAYSTAK KORE360 also lets dealers control the timing of certain content. Content changes can be scheduled to appear and disappear on specific dates. For example, dealers can schedule limited time offers and other specials, rebates and incentives to be available on the website for specified periods of time, and then automatically removed from the website when they expire. Further, dealers can quickly and easily create and schedule timed landing pages on-the-fly.        

HAYSTAK KORE360 also offers award winning account management. All Haystak search team members are Google® and Bing® certified and available to consult with customers. In addition, Haystak received the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Award for Customer Satisfaction in 2012 and 2013.    

About Haystak Digital Marketing:

Haystak™ Digital Marketing is a leading provider of digital marketing products and services for the automotive industry, including integrated dealership websites and powerful digital marketing tools. Haystak manages over 6,000 dealership websites and digital marketing campaigns across North America and Europe, including numerous publicly traded retailers and top dealership groups. A Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Authorized Reseller, the company’s excellence has also been recognized with the Automotive Website Award for the Top Rated Multi-Channel Marketing Platform and the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Award for Highest Customer Satisfaction. Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, Haystak is part of VinSolutions, which is wholly owned by AutoTrader Group™, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. AutoTrader.com®, Kelley Blue Book®, vAuto® and HomeNet® Automotive are also a part of AutoTrader Group. Visit Haystak online at http://www.haystak.com.

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