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Get Increased Search Engine Traffic With Google Adwords

(PRWEB) December 21, 2004

Advertising with AdWords has been compared to entering a lottery. The potential payout is huge. Many people try it out. Almost everyone who tries loses money. The difference between AdWords and a lottery is that winning a lottery is a random event. Winning with AdWords, on the other hand, requires experience, knowledge, and skill.

A few people actually make substantial profits using Google AdWords. Perry S. Marshall, author of “The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords” describes himself as “… one of a tiny handful of experts on this new advertising medium.” Marshall makes extensive use of AdWords to advertise his own products and services, and he also runs campaigns for clients, so he writes based on experience rather than untested theory. His free 5-day email course to help create profitable AdWords campaigns is available here: http://NetInstitute.com/adwords

Mastery of other forms of Internet advertising isn’t enough to ensure success with Adwords. Neil Shearing, Ph.D, had several years of experience marketing successfully online when he experimented with Google AdWords to advertise his spider software. He even engaged the assistance of Arun Agrawl, a search engine optimization specialist. The campaign was, in Shearing’s words, “… a long way from being profitable.” A detailed account of the AdWords campaign “How I Threw $ 2470.06 Down The Google AdWords Toilet” is available for immediate free download here: http://NetInstitute.com/adw

Why is running a profitable Google AdWords campaign so difficult even for experienced marketers? Two closely related factors seem to be the primary culprits. Competition for many key phrases has become intense. Bids of $ 5 or more for each click through are common for the most competitive (and presumably lucrative) phrases. The second factor is Google’s unique way of determining the rank for ads. Click through rate is given the same weight as the amount bid. Because of this, appealing ads by your competitors may get top positions even if you’ve outbid them. To find ways of overcoming these obstacles, get Perry Marshall’s free five day AdWords course here: http://NetInstitute.com/adwords


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