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Cashing In On Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Googles new enhanced campaigns have changed pay-per-call marketing forever, but a few smart marketers have discovered how to beat the system, which gives them a clear advantage over their competitors and others can easily follow in their footsteps.

Googles new enhanced campaigns no longer allow targeting of only smart phones, which makes mobile marketing via pay per call a lot more complicated than it was. But abandoning this lucrative marketing method just doesnt make sense for a company that depends on pay-per-call advertising for its success and the success of its clients.

Theres now less competition for pay-per-call affiliate marketing than before, yet theres more traffic via smart phones every day, said Justin Elenburg, co-founder of mobileFUSED, a service that connects advertisers with pay-per-call marketers who want to make serious money. This results in the perfect formula for success, making Google’s new enhanced campaigns more of a blessing than a curse.

There are some very specific ways to make Googles enhanced campaigns work for you. mobileFUSED is pleased to share these ways, since it is in the business of getting companies fresh new leads which they need, by accessing the talents of forward-looking marketers.

For example, you now must advertise to computers, tablets and smart phones if you want to use Google Adwords. But there is a hidden way around this that stops most computer and tablet traffic. This involves lowering your bid by one fourth and raising your mobile bid adjustment 300 percent. This is not a foolproof method of stopping computer and tablet traffic, but it will significantly lower it.

And thats just one example of the kind of information mobileFUSED provides its marketers to help them succeed.

Another obstacle is that non-wifi targeting has been removed from Googles enhanced campaigns. In the past, it was possible to block all mobile phones that were accessing an ad via wifi and only display click-to-call ads to users surfing from their cell networks. The pure click-to-call button does not appear if a user accesses an ad from wifi, which means users must be taken to a landing page first. To make that work, it is necessary to buy a domain name specific to the offer.

Another feature which has been removed from enhanced campaigns is the ability to target specific carriers. However, this feature was not removed from WAP phone ads. It is still possible to set up WAP phone ads that are purely click-to-call and target specific carriers.

This is a secret that a lot of people overlook. Many people only want to target smart phones and forget about WAP phones, Elenburg said. Those of us who make pay-per-call our business can use this knowledge to their advantage.

To create a WAP Mobile Ad, users need to go to ads tab in Google Adwords, and click on new ad and select WAP Mobile Ad. On that screen, the user needs to fill in the headline and description, then make sure to uncheck “link ad to use my existing mobile webpage” and click “Connect customers to my business telephone number so that people can click to call”.

The overall point is that pay-per-call is far from dead. These tips are just the beginning of what I am sure will be a long list of ways to maximize click-to-call with Goggles enhanced campaigns, Elenburg said. With mobile marketing, it all comes down to testing — and what may work with one campaign may not work with another. The new enhanced campaigns certainly make click-to-call marketing more difficult, but its possible to beat the system and thrive in a world where theres less competition and more opportunity than ever before.


A company dedicated to both advertisers and marketers, mobileFUSED combines experience from both sides to create mutually beneficial pay-per-call mobile advertising opportunities. The company does this by bringing advertisers the fresh new leads the need and connecting marketers with hot, targeted offers they can monetize. Learn more about the company at http://www.mobilefused.com.

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