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Beat the Google AdWords System

Union City, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2005

The world most popular advertise program—Google AdWords (pay per click advertisement). You can start your campaign to reach ten of millions of people worldwide for as little as five bucks within 15 minutes. Your advertisement will be listed next to the free listing services. Your ads only show when users type in the keyword that you designate in your ad campaign. Google found in September 1998 with 1,900 employees and expended to 22 locations worldwide. Google mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google’s main revenue was from AdWords program by delivering relevant, cost-effective online advertising. They capable of provide accurate information in a short period of time. With AdWords you can choose your languages and location you want to target your ads. You can choose internationally, nationally, or locally and with the local ads you can target by state, region, or to the city and area that you are doing business. You can customize your languages and region to increase your result and best of all you can change it as many times as you want. Remember whatever language you target, you have to have an advertisement in that language you are going to promote.

Create your ad that are convincing and make someone click on your ad to buy your products and services. And the key to remember is what makes your products and services different your competitors. Why the customer should buy from you instead of someone else. What benefit will your customers have when buying your products and services? You have to put words or phrases on your ad to catch your customer’s attention. Keywords play a major role in your ad campaign because they help the customers find you. For example, if you sell sport shoes you should put some keywords such as running shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes…etc. You have to make it relevant to your customers. When you finish making your ads you can choose the maximum cost per click amount—the minimum is 5 cents. With Google AdWord you only pay when user click on your ads and not pay when it just show on Google search engine during the user search. You can also use the traffic estimator to review your position and the number of click that your ad going to be click on. You can go back and edit your keyword at anytime you want to make more relevant to the user. You can set your daily budget such as $ 10/day or more and you can control your budget and be accountable for that. That way you won’t use your entire budget for a month in one day and best of all there is no minimum or maximum budget requirement and feel free to set a budget that fit for you.

There are some rules for AdWords user. Your ad’s click through rate has to be at least 0.5% of 1000 impressions or your keywords you are bidding on will be disabled. And the position of your ads is determined by the prices that you bid on that specific keyword and the relevant of that keyword. Google’s staff will review your ads to prevent offensive, mis-spelled or sexual content will not be allowed. They will response by email or phone calls which ever you preferred. Google AdWord rewards people who writing relevant ads to what people are searching for. They different than any other search engines where the highest bidder gets the best position. With Google AdWords, if your ads relevant and meet the click through rate requirement, you will be on a good spot. They want to be the most relevant search engine on the planet, so if your keywords are not generate enough 0.5% click through rate your keywords will be disabled and you have to delete and put new keywords in and run it again.

Google AdWords has becomes the world’s best advertisement services—target visitor and for low cost. The more people need relevant information the bigger Google will grow. Today people need relevant information than ever before and Google is the leader in the technology that capable of providing billions relevant of searches in seconds. They provide accurate and trust worthy information. Google AdWords is the best advertisement program that available on earth.

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