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AdWords Update: Build Winning AdWords Campaigns in Record Time

Bernardsville, NJ (PRWEB) November 3, 2009

AdWordAccelerator (http://www.adwordaccelerator.com), a leading AdWords keyword research tool, and StatsJunky, a leading conversion tracking tool for PPC, have teamed up to provide advertisers and affiliate marketers with the right combination of technology for efficiently building and optimizing profitable campaigns for Google AdWords.

Stephen Juth, a leading expert in AdWords keyword research revealed, “I am always on the look out for better ways to create AdWords campaigns that deliver the intended results – meaning more conversions and profits. By combining AdWordAccelerator with StatsJunky, advertisers now have a way to go from initial keyword research to AdWords campaigns optimized for the greatest return on investment in record time.”

One of the most commonly reported problems today among Google advertisers is the ability to make their campaigns profitable enough for their business goals. And things won’t be getting any easier. According to Jupiter Research’s US Paid Search Forecast (2008 to 20013), average keyword prices are set to rise more than 25% over the next five years.

Due to such competition and rising costs, many PPC advertisers and small business owners have given up on Google AdWords altogether. Instead, they are focusing their time and attention on other marketing channels such as Facebook ads, video syndication, third tier search engines, Twitter, etc.

According to Juth, “It doesn’t have to be this way. These challenges for PPC advertisers continue to fuel an industry of third-party keyword research and campaign optimization tools. And many are quite good. The key is for advertisers to learn to leverage the right tools for their specific needs.”

Typically, the needs of a pay-per-click advertiser include:

comprehensive keyword research, including measurement of the supply (i.e., number of competitors) vs. demand (i.e., amount of search traffic) for her prospective keywords
detailed competitor analysis, where he can learn from and leverage what is and isn’t working for his competitors
rapid campaign building, where she can focus mostly on writing effective creatives while automating the less intelligent, time consuming parts of setting up campaigns
campaign optimization, where he can see how profitable his campaigns are down to each keyword’s specific ROI and make the necessary improvements and corrections
AdWordAccelerator, combined with StatsJunky, fulfills each of these needs with speed and efficiency, allowing AdWords advertisers to ultimately have increased ROIs while spending less time on the construction and optimization process.

To see how these two tools work together, readers can watch an online demo at http://www.adwordaccelerator.com/statsjunky.

Developed by Accelerator Marketing Tools, AdWordAccelerator is a leading AdWords keyword research and campaign building tool that is used by large corporations and numerous search engine marketing firms worldwide. Leading AdWords experts such as Perry Marshall, author of “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords,” and Dr. Howard Jacobson, author of “AdWords for Dummies,” have endorsed AdWordAccelerator to their customers and clients.


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