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15 Modern Marketing Masters Share Their Best SecretsFor Free

Cardiff, CA (PRWEB) February 8, 2006

Their names inspire reverence in Internet marketing circles. 15 famed copywriters, entrepreneurs, and deal-makers each spent ten minutes to answer a single question: “what’s your favorite marketing method, that’s working really well for you?”

Their often-surprising answers are available for free, as a series of downloadable audios. These gurus spill their key secrets in 2-1/2 hours of recordings. Listeners will learn, for example:

How to more than triple your response by using a “bait piece” the way Bob Bly does

What New Zealand marketing legend Sean D’Souza means by creating a “yes or yes” choice

How John Carlton gets people to actually beg for his no-cost electronic newsletter—and how he converts those subscribers to paying customers

The clever way Randy Gage gets to pitch his products from the speaker’s platform in venues that say “no selling, no pitching”

Why David Garfinkel’s wildly successful free teleseminars lead to a steady stream of lucrative full-fee assignments

The interviews were conducted by direct-marketing expert Bob Serling, editor of Direct Marketing Insider, http://www.DirectMarketingInsider.com (except for the interview with Serling himself, which was handled by top copywriter Brad Petersen).

More goodies:

How Perry Marshall uses his own variants on the Kaizen (continuous small improvement) and Pareto (80/20) principles to develop a super-responsive repeat-customer system, using tools that most entrepreneurs already use—but using them much more effectively

What standard piece of office furniture will never be in Clayton Makepeace’s office—and how that attitude leads him to create advertorials that bring in tens of thousands of dollars every time they’re used

How John Jantsch’s very first interaction with a client leads to a profitable stream of referrals—and how you can use a single sheet of paper set up your own clients to systematically refer business to you

The twist Paul Myers puts on existing freebie products that adds enough value to sell them for hundreds of dollars

The “can it really be that easy?” technique that drives copywriting clients around the world to hire Shel Horowitz—with no cold calling and zero expense

Why is Serling giving away this extremely valuable content? “Too many people are scared off by marketing because they think it has to be expensive and complicated,” he says. “I wanted to prove that any business can implement easy, effective, and ethical low-cost or even no-cost marketing strategies that really work.”

Five more experts:

How Yanik Silver, starting only in 2000, built a sales network of more than 40,000 partners—and what he’d do differently if he did it over

Why Bob Serling uses offline techniques to create the right website traffic, and how his “simplicity” mantra converts those visitors to customers

The reason Bob Scheinfeld thinks no website is complete if all it offers is text and graphics—and how to easily and affordably add sound and video to achieve effects that used to cost thousands of dollars

Why Jeff Walker doesn’t even offer a product until his prospect has had multiple contacts—and the exact sequence he uses so he knows each person is ready to buy

How Joe Vitale got worldwide news coverage for a non-event, and turned that coverage into over 1000 new visitors on the first day

The audio files are available at no charge at http://www.DirectMarketingInsider.com/15experts — listen to them one at a time, or all at once. Says Serling, “Only one fifth of all businesses survive to their fifth year. But any entrepreneur who implements even one or two of these ideas is going to succeed—and considering there’s no cost, no strings attached, nothing holding you back but your own motivations — if you don’t listen to at least a few of these, please don’t come crying to me when your business starts hurting.”

Contact information: Bob Serling, (760) 944-5697

February 2006 is Podcast Month at PRWeb. This press release distributed by PRWeb, the Online Visibility Company.

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